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You Tube has basically held to the standard that they're not liable for user-supplied content, and because they do promptly remove clips when a copyright infringement notice is received, the courts have agreed with them.Viacom's lawsuit for over a billion dollars against You Tube was tossed out because of the DMCA safe-harbor provisions that exempt a website from being liable for infringement caused by content supplied by users as long as it promptly removes it when a copyright holder complains.Indeed, following a few links on this very site may easily result in seeing a warning that a certain video has been deleted (along with its poster's account) for warnings of copyright infringement.This has been exacerbated by what are known as 'content-ID trolls': people who submit false copyright infringement reports in order to have a user's video(s) pulled and their accounts banned.

Read reviews of You Tube's most popular channels for kids, and learn more about the video service, including ways to make it safer, what to do if your kid wants their own You Tube channel, and how to find quality content.

It hosted communication between individuals, who used it visually in otherwise the same manner as they had previously used Usenet or IRC.

You Tube was also once the host of a number of people who had alternative news and media shows, but the opinions of such people were often extreme, or otherwise politically incorrect, and most of them have now been banned.

A very popular trend is to insult everyone who clicked the "dislike" button for a video.

The usual format is "(number of people who clicked the dislike) (insult)." (Note, though, that the positioning of the "Like" button just below the Play button makes it to fill your "videos liked" bin with stuff you didn't necessarily want there, and "disliking" a video you just accidentally liked is easier than editing your preferences.) Another popular trend is blaming anyone who dislikes a video on fans of another popular artist or work or the more ridiculous claim that a single person, usually said artist, created multiple accounts to lay multiple dislikes on a single video.

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