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Flash is much more resource-intensive than Java, and doesn't come with built-in Java security.Plus, anything that can be made in Flash can be made more easily (programming-wise) in Java.This still would be limited to GPL-type content (Java for example), and likely there would need to be deeper disclaimers that the Foundation assumes no damages for malicious additions.

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JAVA wasn't either long ago, but now it is (GPL now). Most of all though, it's a matter of who will do the work I think.

There is a small need for Java, but no need whatsoever for Flash.

Orange Dog Comment: I'm a Java programmer and I used to do flash, and I personally feel that for and interactive thingamabob which has encyclopedia value, Flash makes for easy graphics and interactivity is much easier.

Given that Moore's Law is still operating it is odd that Wikipedia is not thinking more about the use of java applets to convey information.

I am sure that once the facility was available this huge community would find good uses for it.

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