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Surely Someone makes or imports something like that.. Thanx Don Cronin Don, I found a listing for your whiskey in an old copy of Kovel's Price Guide. I'd guess today it would be worth in the -30 range. The modern ones have a plastic cap the older ones have hand tooled lips. indentation on bottom can't tell if its a pontil mark, seams stop at elongated neck two rings and then lip, on flat side , embossed it reads Dabrooks perfume Detroit with a sun burst and D in center found in old ghost town in Montana If you can Help, thanks Marcia Hi Marcia, For years I have been a closet collector of these cute little "five cent" colognes.

Most are made of clear glass but I have seen them in several colors. Many of the flat examples are "card colognes" sold from a cardboard display with the bottles rubber banded to the display board.

there appears to be some names also engraved on the bottom of the bottle that seems to state his name and his sons names. I was wondering if you had any idea if this bottle would be worth anything. I have covered these bottles thoroughly in earlier months and in other places on my website. Digger, I have a Wilken Family Blended Whiskey bottle, clear glass with embossing of Harry E Wilken, stalks of barley, the distillery and the label is all intact.

It also states federal law forbids sale or re-use of this bottle above the engraved picture . Today Ebay had two listed, one asking and the other with original box asking .95. Says the family was based in Aladdin PA with branches in Lawrenceburg Indiana and San Francisco. The bottom has several numbers on it-D9 67 40 bottom line has M-25B 48. Check "Bottle Basics" on my website to determine the age.

It also has this mans pic engraved on the bottle w/ houses on each side. Around the bottom below the bust is 1809- ABRAHAM LINCOLN- 1865 (w 71) On the back all around the edge of the bottle are 33 stars In the middle it says ..the people... But I have not seen anything that looks like this or any Abraham Lincoln bottles at all. I'll be taking pictures of it this weekend and will send you next week if I hear from you. Sincerely Yolanda Roque Your bottle is one of the Wheaton Presidential Series.

threaded on cap (looks like a large thimble), about 4 inches tall, with the name "JACOBINER" across the front. They appear to be cast and have 18 small 1/2" sides around the diameter. It has a certificate of analysis on the back dated Boston, Jan. One side panel is embossed NEW YORK and the other side panel is embossed A. I would appreciate any info you can give me on this bottle such as date made, rarity etc. Scovill by 1860 had the rights to over 20 patent medicines. the company was still operating in the 1940s but your bottle probably dates to the 1880-1890 period. Based on the photo of the base you sent, it is probably made after 1900. The bottle may or may not have had a small label in that area. No 9 Finally, the base of the bottle appears to be "stamped" or "molded" with a raised picture of two persons holding long rods in one hand and holding onto a large crest with their other hands. There is some storage damage to the label but is still very readable...

I'm assuming they date from the 20's or 30's and have the soda fountain tops, chrome plated. I can not tell from the picture if the label is paper or not. He started in Cincinnati, Ohio in the 1840s and by the 1850s had opened a depot in New York City. Andrew Rogers from whom Scovill purchased rights to manufacture medicines with his name (Dr. The bottle comes with both the New York and Cincinnati embossing. Your bottle would have been made between 1854-1859. The crest has a royal-type crown on top of it and a small cross is on top of the crown. One additional thing I would like to ask is how do you tell if its a reproduction, I only ask because this particular bottle seems to be in much better condition than most of the other bottles I've found, even though the other bottles appear to be much younger. I'm interested in selling...respectfully DM Oleson I would appreciate an appraisal or direction to a collector...

MARCHAND NEW YORK USALast month, I had a question about Charles Marchand's Glycozone which was another oh his products. I would be very appreciative if you could provide any info on it. They are known in many colors and are often found to be quite crude and highly whittled.

You'll find some background about the bottle there. I am trying to find out the circa and value of a bottle I recently came across . 6" tall round , lite green in color w/ bubbles in glass. It says Franklin on one side and has ounce markers from one to seven. 6 1/2" high It has what looks like "seams" or hair-line cracks in the glass in a few places, but they are cracks, it appears to be the nature of the glass. The bottles come both pontiled and smooth based and date from about 1848-1880.

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