Neo date dating script

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Use the System Information script to detect and update your browser plug-ins.The following document covers the steps required to update your browser.A medallion with the Jurchen translation of the Chinese couplet, Míngwáng shèn dé, sì yí xián bīn ("明王慎德.四夷咸宾": "When a wise king is heedful of virtue, foreigners from all quarters come as guests").The image was preserved in a Ming Dynasty catalog of molds for making ink cakes.The latter, however, was written first in Mongolian script (1601), neither of which has any relation to the Jurchen script.1526 was the year in which the final remaining recorded Jurchen writing was dated to.

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It is written on two sheets of paper and dates to 1217.

Even more importantly, in 1979 Chinese scholars Liu Zuichang and Zhu Jieyuan reported the ground-breaking discovery of an eleven-page document in the Jurchen script in the base of a stele in Xi'an's Stele Forest museum.

Comparing Wanyan Xiyin's Nüzhen zishu with later inscriptions and Ming Dynasty dictionaries, one can detect the direction of the writing system's development from ideographic to combined ideographic-phonetic.

Many words originally written with a single character were later written with two or even three, the character originally designating the entire word being later used only for its beginning, and a phonetic character (or two) being used for the last one or two syllable(s), Due to the scarcity of the surviving samples of Jurchen writing, it was often difficult to determine for the 19th-century (or sometimes even 20th-century) scholars, whether a given inscription was in the "large" or "small" Jurchen script, or whether it was in Jurchen script at all.

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