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Since it has also become abundantly clear that chat rooms have become primarily areas for airing personal conflicts, not the discussion of the philosophy of the Church of Satan, we must now state the following: All Church of Satan officials who participate in chat rooms do so as their personal business, and they do so without the support of the Church of Satan itself.Any titles or positions held by these members are considered invalid by the Church of Satan in chat room situations.He took my ass and then my mouth penetrating all of my innocent holes, harshly and like it was Armageddon. He spoke in tongues and made me do the same, I orgasmed so did Satan. He brought the demon forth through my mirror, from the sacred realm of darkness. Then he called several dogs forth and made them fuck and lick me. Thanks Travis it was very different and I hope you call again soon. Keep in tough, I know your busy with your girls, but don’t forget about ME!!! The behavior therein is completely contradictory to the practices of the Church of Satan.Fortunately, the people who participate in this situation are very few, but because they are online, this has attracted unwarranted attention and has been made into an “issue.” We have had enough.

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If they attempt to flaunt their titles as convincers, they are abusing that title.A chat room is not the place to experience Satanism.Instead, we suggest turning off the computer and taking time to boldly participate in the real world.It has been clearly proven to us that chat room participants cannot separate the personal doings of titled Church of Satan members from their titles, and thus falsely think that anything done by a titled member is somehow endorsed or done in the name of the Church of Satan. Titled Church of Satan members’ titles were granted for their personal achievements and their expertise in the philosophy codified by Anton La Vey.When they speak on this philosophy, it is the title which gives credence to their expertise. The merits of their arguments on other topics must be evaluated objectively; any validity must be earned.

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