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The iwis don't even know they're there or, if they do, they're not telling anyone... I know some Maori people who have been involved in the "relocation" of remains of this type.

Most iwi representatives of higher rank could take our scientists to these ancient burial locations without difficulty..why should they?

Robin Watt, attributed it all to black coloured Polynesian hair turning red by a pigmentation breakdown as the physical remains deteriorated after death. that's a convenient and a pat way of burying the problem, but I doubt that it's actually true or that it occurs to any great degree in the real world.

Here are some quotes related to mummies located in Egypt that are about 5000 years old: The mummy of the wife of King Tutankhamen has auburn hair. Paris, Pichat, 1899, p.26 And what about all of the living specimens of "Maori" observed in New Zealand since the earliest colonial times with the And what about the hair samples themselves?

Should you wish to go and gather specimens, I can tell you of 3 sizable locations where there are graves of the "tall ones"..Caucasoid people who predated Maori to these shores by thousands of years.

Many people today speak it with an appalling kiwi accent.Dieses Standbild ist eigentlich ein Video oder doch nicht?Cinemagramme sind Standbilder mit kleinen sich wiederholenden Bewegungen.I have studied Maori culture all my life, but am often the subject of anger from Maoris, often because I know more than them, but also because I am outspoken in my views.One of these views is that the Maori language is unfortunately mostly dead, and what is being taught in schools and wanaga's and universities is usually incorrect.

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