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It’s longer, thicker and stiffer than the first one, with an even more prominent head and ridged veins.

She doesn’t hesitate before jamming it in her asshole, moaning as she screws herself deep – but she soon casts it aside, without even pausing to taste it this time.

She poses for the camera, moving and swaying, stroking her beautiful breasts through her underwear, slowly undressing.

Easing her straps down her shoulders, the horny Russian babe toys with her titties, pulling them to her mouth, sucking on her nipples.

She squeals as she cums, her entire body trembling from the intense sensations as creamy drops trickle out onto her butt cheeks.

This purple pole gets sucked and licked from root to tip, but just when it seems she must have reached her limit, she retrieves another realistically shaped cock.

Back at home, she’s wearing a rhinestone-adorned cocktail dress and heels, her long black hair in a glamorous high ponytail.

Her eye makeup is smoky with a touch of glitz, her full lips heavily glossed.

She decides to seduce Danny, one of the businessmen, by sexily licking an envelope, but he doesn’t get the hint.

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This one is a pale-flesh color and the most enormous yet – long and thick with hefty, heavy balls.

Lilu takes it just as easily as she did the others, stretching her asshole wide open as she pounds it in and out.

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