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The film tells the story of a young girl and her cousin who are sent to a summer camp, where a group of killings begins shortly after their arrival.Released at a time when slasher films were in their heyday, the film is infamously known for its twist ending, which is considered by some to be one of the most shocking endings among horror films.Thinking Ricky is the killer, Mel beats him mercilessly, only to be shot in the throat with an arrow by the real killer.

After Martha gained custody of him, she decided to raise Peter as the girl she always wanted, already having a son.

Much like at the previous camp, she gleefully tortures and kills anyone who misbehaves or annoys her.

These films had more of a comic tone than the original.

She is comforted by Ricky, who swears revenge on her aggressors.

That night, Meg is killed in the shower while getting ready to meet with Mel.

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