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Seriously, drugs, hoods, criminals, murderers, psychologically sick people who just happen to be 'black'--this is precisely how Fox TV would have America and the world view the African American people, to perpetuate the stereotype they are so anxious to create.

My family and friends will not support this garbage---Is it so impossible to present a positive image like the Cosby Show--why couldn't these talented actors be in a show with a positive image?

La familia Carlin se muda de Ohio a la ciudad de los Ángeles obligados por la buena oportunidad de empleo de la madre Paula.

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LAST WEEK: 'Empire' Episode 7 Recap: Winners, Losers, and Truth Bombs Here’s a look at the drama that "The Lyon’s Roar" brought to central clan.

Lemon equivocadamente aposta em Lavon, o ganha, mas decide manter os sentimentos dela para ela mesma e oferece a ele alguns conselhos sobre o relacionamento dele com Ruby.

Enquanto isso, George está interessado em ir a um encontro com Tansy e se coloca no leilão esperando que ela ganhe.

bless you, fam 👊If you’re an anti, then I have some advices for you. We have an amazing story and incredible lovely character.

All ships are valid, no ship is better than the other. There are infinite realities in the show, what’s not canon it is in another reality! If you’re a multishiper and you don’t hate any ship… You don’t like- BLOCK THE BLOODY TAGS FOR QUISNAK’S SAKE!!! PLEASE, I’M TIRED OF ALL OF THIS QUISNAKING ARGUMENTS…

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