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What a gem though this show was and always will be. I wonder what Johnny Depp thinks of this being out now on DVD.He never liked doing the show after the 3rd season but stuck it out for his contract duration.The title 21 Jump Street probably means very little to most people under 30, particularly in Britain, where the 1980s Johnny Depp-starring cop show, in which patently adult police officers posed as teenagers to solve crime, never caught on in quite the way it did in America.Certainly it’s no cultural touchstone for ‘The Kids’, who make up much of the target audience for this.There are the vital story beats that it knows to hit, but in-between these it veers off in myriad directions, seemingly sometimes unsure itself of what this bit is about.When it goes somewhere funny that’s not an issue, but you do occasionally want to just give it a shove back onto the rails.See more » Great to see that the show has hit the DVD format. Great show and don't know why it was not on reruns anywhere here in Canada.Noticed some over dubs on some dialogue, not sure if that was done back when the show was on FOX or if it has been done when putting it on DVD.

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This page is based on a Wikipedia article written by contributors (read/edit).While the laughs work in the majority of cases, it is quite scrappy in terms of story.This has the feel of a film that improvised for hours and then worked out later how to piece it all together.He’s always been a capable actor but hasn’t really been the standout in anything since A Guide To Recognising Your Saints.This is quite possibly the performance of his career. His simple-minded character, who winds up posing as a science-brain through a very silly mix-up, is thoroughly charming and, possibly by accident, the real heart of the movie, as he realises he’s better than just the dumb jock.

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